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How to enable the INFN-AAI account

Instructions for the first access to "Sistema informativo INFN"

The access to the INFN portal requires the authentication by means of personal credentials, as username e password (or, alternatively, X.509 certificate or Kerberos 5).
However, to get access the first time it is needed to proceed with the password generation, because it is undefined. To do it, click on "Change or Reset Password", as highlighted in red in the figure below:

This action will open a new window, where an identifier (for example the username) has to be entered, as shown in the followinf figure:

Hence, to reset the password (and not to change it), it is required to insert your own email address (2 times), as highlighted in the figure:

Then, clicking on "Reset Password", a security code will be sent (to the specified email address), consisting in a long alphanumeric string, that has to be inserted in the next window, inside the field "Security CODE", as highlighted in green in the figure below:

The preferred password has to be inserted (twice, to confirm) in the lower part of the same window, as highlighted in red in the previous figure, then confirm clicking on the "Set Password" button. In case of successful outcome, a confirmation message will appear.