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An event generator for SM Higgs decay into 4 charged leptons at NLOPS EW accuracy

Hto4l is an event generator for the SM Higgs decay into 4 charged leptons up to NLOPS electroweak accuracy and in presence of dimension-6 operators. It can be used either for the calculation of the partial width of the Higgs boson in the H -> Z(*)Z(*) -> 4l channels or in association with any event generator which provides events for the Higgs production in the Les Houches standard format.

The latest version of Hto4l is 2.02 and can be downloaded here. A more detailed description of the code can be found in the README file. The main improvement of v2.x is the possibility of generating Higgs decay events in presence of dimension-six operators. The user can choose among three bases: the Warsaw basis, the SILH basis and the so-called Higgs basis.

Please, refer to JHEP 06 (2015) 023 and JHEP 1801 (2018) 096 for phenomenological studies and citing the code.
Stay tuned on this page for updates and bug fixes.

We'd appreciate if you could send an e-mail to one of the authors after downloading the generator, so that we can inform you about updates of the code, publications, etc.

For any comment or help requests, please e-mail one of the authors
Stefano Boselli
Carlo M. Carloni Calame
Guido Montagna
Oreste Nicrosini
Fulvio Piccinini
Ambresh Shivaji
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Hto4l v2.02
Hto4l v1.02