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S. Boffi, C. Giusti, F.D. Pacati e M. RadiciElectromagnetic Response of Atomic Nuclei
vol. 20 of the series Oxford Studies in Nuclear Physic,  Oxford University Press .

frontespizio libro

abstract libroAt the time of its publication (1996) the book represented a turning point, summarizing the acquired knowledge in this field in a homogeneous formalism, but at the same time anticipating the topics and developments that should be achieved in the following years in higher-energy experiments (in particular, at the  TJNAF laboratory, Virginia-USA). Because of the modern approach, the uniform formalism, and the wide variety of applications, the book has been adopted in Ph. D. courses in Physics in several  american universities. Moreover, it is largely cited in research papers (see Google-Scholar), because, at present, it represents the only theoretical reference book for the experimental researches in this field.
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