HV hedgehog page

Hv hedgehog production database:
- Access format, updated as of March 03, 2006
- Excel format, updated as of March 03, 2006

- HV hedgehog shipments to production sites (updated to August 2005)

Hv cables connecting hedgehogs to SHV connectors on Faraday cage - Assembly specifications

HV hedgehog specifications, final version:

HV Hedgehog types (pdf)

Schematics: 3x8 Barrel (pdf) and 4x6 Barrel (pdf)

Layout (final version for production - updated August 8, 2001):

HV Hedgehog prototype production: specifications (pdf)   March 2001

Module 0 HV hedgehogs: procurement page
Module 0 HV hedgehogs: costs (xls)

Hv jumpers connecting endcap hgs and patch panels (not used in final production):
 - version v.1 - old (pdf), version v.3 - old (pdf), version v.4 (pdf)     updated Jan 12 2001

HV Hedgehog test system

HV capacitor test     - updated 16 February 2001

Test are currently performed on three capacitor types: Murata DECB33J471KC4B (470 pF 6.3kV), Murata DHR15B471M10K (470 pf 10kV) and Tusonix 0818 025 Z5U0 501M (500 pF 5kV).

Capacitance variation against temperature (19 ºC, 40 ºC and 70 ºC)  and bias (4kV):

Hedgehog ageing test    - updated 20 April 2001

20 cards were termally cycled in an oven between 20 ºC and  70 ºC.

Last update 07 March 2006

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