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Some Results on RPCs


*  Effect of the linseed oil surface treatment on the performance of Resistive Plate Chambers

*  Absorbance spectrum of Linseed Oil

*  A NEW Absorbance spectrum of Linseed Oil (including a spectrum after UV induced aging)

*  Gamma spectroscopy of (neutron) activated Linseed Oil

*  Activation analysis on different materials used in RPCs

*  Surface roughness of different types of Bakelite

*  Volume Resistivity of the New Angi Bakelite and ...

*  Percentual Difference after irradiation

*  A brief contribution to RPC aging




The Compact Muon Solenoid experiment





            *        CMS Week June 2002

            *        Bakelite Mass Production - First results

            *        Front-End Chip Irradiation TEST 2000

            *        Front-End Chip TEST SYSTEM 2000

            *        Muon Engineering Design Review EDR - bakelite

            *        Simulation: GIF 1999 (By S. Altieri)

            *        Bakelite measurements .. and related stuff (in italian...)

            *        CMS Week (7/12/98)

      *        1997 RPC Test beam.....



      *        RPCs Gas Mixture Analysis (R.Guida)

      *        Bakelite Page         

            *        Bakelite and Production Stuff (By G. Belli) (Pictures)

            *        Bari RPC Home Page





            Jerusalem, 19-26 Aug., 1997

      *        Test on the Performance of Resistive Plate Chambers in View of their Use at the LHC Postscript or the

                   Proceeding paper (S.P.Ratti)


36th Workshop on New Detectors

Erice 1-7 Nov 1997

      *        Development of Resistive Plate Chambers for the CMS experiment Postscript  (or see the webslider html) (P.Vitulo)

RPC97 IV Workshop on RPCs and Related detectors

Napoli,Italy 15-16 Oct. 1997

      *        The linseed oil issue: properties of the linseed oil and properties of the bakelite surfaces Trasparencies and Postscript (or see the webslider html) (P.Vitulo)

RPC99 V Workshop on Resistive Plate Chambers and Related detectors

Bari,Italy 28-29 Oct. 1999

      *        Development of a testing system for the CMS RPCs front end chip and front end board and of a measurement system for the quality control of the CMS RPC bakelite (P. Torre)

      *        Gamma sensitivity simulation of RPCs (S. Altieri)

      *        Bakelite Measurement Station (G. Belli)

      *        The Bakelite for the RPCs of the experiment CMS (P. Vitulo)



 Osaka, 27Jul-2 Aug., 2000

      *        Resistive Plate Chambers in HEP (S.Ratti for the Bari-Pavia CMS-RPC Collaboration)

RPC01 VI Workshop on RPCs and Related detectors

Coimbra, Portugal 26-27 Nov. 2001

      *        RPC Neutron Sensitivity (R.Guida)

      *        Neutron induced Single Event Upsets on the CMS RPC front-end chips (P. Vitulo)

      *        The RPC System for the CMS experiment at the LHC (G. Bruno)



            Budapest, 12-18 Jul., 2001

      *        RPC Sensitivity to low energy neutrons and gamma rays (S.Ratti for the Bari-Pavia CMS-RPC Collaboration)





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